How to Outsource Your Book Launch and Promotion

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How To Outsource Your Book Launch And Promotion

Once you get your expert book written, what’s next?

How do you actually get it into the hands of readers?

Most authors do a book launch, and now that you’re an official author, you can do a launch as well.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to do to launch and promote your book.

Enter The Magic Of Outsourcing

With outsourcing, you delegate your tasks to an assistant or freelance expert. This frees up some of your time so you can focus on other tasks.

The good news is quite a few promotional and launch tasks can be outsourced. Here are a few to get you started

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Outsourcing your social media marketing is tricky because the interactions about your book launch need to be authentic, but there are other tasks that can be delegated to someone.

A virtual assistant (VA) can post content and reply to comments. They can monitor your social media activity and alert you when you need to take action.

If you need more in-depth social media help, look for a social media marketing expert. Be sure that whatever they do is on-brand and looks like your business.

NOTE: Be sure not to outsource anything that requires personal or secure communication.

Outsource Your Video Production

Not everyone is great at making videos, but video content is amazing for promoting books.

You can outsource virtually every step of the process, from shooting the video itself to editing and even posting. If you’re inexperienced with video creation, someone who specializes in it can make your amateur content look slick and professional.

Outsource Your Book Design

Design is another area that can be a challenge if you aren’t creative.

You can outsource the design of your book and your marketing materials to someone who can easily come up with professional visuals.

Having someone redesign your book cover can give your book a completely new life.

An assistant or freelancer could help by designing logos and other branded visual language using software like Canva.

We have over 100+ book cover templates to get you started on your book design in our program Author Exposure Blueprint.

Outsource Your Interview Scheduling And Guest Posts

Another great way to promote your book is to get interviewed on someone else’s platform or to write guest blog posts for another person’s website.

However, this can take a great deal of work and planning. Your assistant can help locate opportunities for you to appear, reach out to influencers, and schedule your interviews.

Since this is an ongoing effort, it’s helpful to have someone manage all of this for you.

Out Source Reaching Out To Influencers

If part of your promotion strategy is to reach out to influencers, you should consider outsourcing it. This is also something that requires ongoing research and scheduling.

You may choose to write the messages personally, but there are quite a few related tasks your VA can help you with.

Tips To Finding The Right Help

If you want to promote your book and get more exposure for you and your business, it will help to find a good VA or freelancer to take on a variety of tasks for you.

The best way to find someone, like with most things, is to ask people in your network for a referral. If you can’t find anyone this way, you can try searching on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

For tasks like book cover design or video production that require a specific skillset, use sites like Fiverr or Vidchops.

Before you start contacting potential people to hire, set out the conditions of the job. Identify what you need to be done, as well as a budget you’ll pay for the work.

Be sure to contact several freelancers and discuss the details of the job with them.

Once you have help in place, you can start delegating tasks and free up your time to focus on other things.

If you want to learn more ways to organize a successful book launch, then head over to my program, Author Exposure Blueprint, where you’ll learn everything you need to know. 


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