Creative Ways to Promote Your Book

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Once you have finished your book you may think that all the “hard work” is done, but that is far from the truth if we’re being honest. And if you want to get your book in front of as many people as possible we need to get honest.

Writing your book is only the very beginning of the process of being an author. I will be overly gracious and say the first 20% of the process is writing your book. And I’m going to tell you now, the next 80% is full of hustle and heart, but you’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

You are now, not only a writer (congrats by the way) but also a marketer. That’s right, that other 80% is promote, promote, promote!

That doesn’t mean now is the time for the “borning” stuff. Promoting can be fun, I promise.

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So here are 3 creative ways to promote your book.

1. Do a Facebook Live

Facebook LOVES showing people videos these days, in fact, it is one of the sure fire ways you can get a great organic (FREE) reach for your book. Lives are not just attention-grabbing, but allow you to talk directly to your fans creating a buzz about you and your book.

Denise Duffield Thomas took this one step further by hosting a virtual “book club” for her book “Chillpreneur” where she went live and talked about the book with readers.

Here she was not only making a connection with fans, answering questions about the book and spreading her message but she was also able to talk about other programs she has if people were ready to take the next step.

promote your book

Your live videos don’t need to be complex, it really only needs to be you in front of your phone or computer talking about your book. And I will tell you, it will feel awkward the first couple times, but the more you do it the easier it will get and your viewers will grow the more you do. So you get better as more people watch.

TAKE ACTION: Get out your phone and talk about your book today live on Facebook. 

creative ways to market your book - Facebook live

2. Give them a Peek

Before your book actually launches there are a lot of things you can do to get a buzz going for the actual launch date. Giving a sneak peek of things like a chapter, the cover design or other juicy details are an awesome way to get your fans excited about your book coming out.

Girls Defined did this perfectly by giving fans a peek at their cover design for the first time. It also gave them an opportunity to talk about their book without just saying “hey buy my book, it’s coming out soon.” You can make it a post or video on social media and make it fun and creative.

Promote your book

TAKE ACTION: What can you sneak peek about the process of your book?  Get on social media and give your fans a few nuggets of your upcoming book. The more you can involve them in the process the more excited they will be when the book comes out.

3. Promote other Authors

You may be thinking, but wait I’m supposed to be promoting my book? Yes, you are and building a community of other authors is a great way to promote yourself.

A rising tide lifts all boats and all books. By announcing the launch of other author’s books you are building a reciprocating community of other authors that will be a cheerleader for your books as well.

Corrine Micheals does a fantastic job of supporting fellow authors on Facebook using the hashtag ONE CLICK. 

TAKE ACTION: Who else has books coming out?  Get involved with authors in your market and stop thinking about them as competition. You each have your own message to say and your own way of saying it – you are not competing. Find other authors in your market and find ways you can support them to your fans and followers.

See what I told you, promoting can be fun if you get creative.

Check out what other authors are doing and see how you can model your actions on what is working for them. Maybe do a Facebook Live or give a sneak peek of your book on your blog or social media today. The options are endless if you get creative and make promoting your book fun.

Remember the work isn’t done once you write the last word if fact, the FUN has just begun. 

If you need help with promoting your book we have the tools and resources you need. You can get access to all of our tools in our Author Exposure Blueprint. We have training on social media posting, book launches, going Live and more. You can get started here.


creative ways to promote your book


Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs showcase their authority with an expert book and a buzz-worthy personal brand.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your mentor to creating the business+ life you love. She is the founder of the Author Exposure Blueprint, the Smart Arsenal, and the host of SMART AF.

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