How to Write A Book Even If You Have Little Time to Write

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I get it. You are busy. The kids need to get to school and homework has to be done, and the house cleaned and dinner on the table. Your client calls need to be made. Marketing has to get done (or you won’t have any clients to worry about). And then there’s bookkeeping, blogging…the list goes on and on.

Finding the time to write a book can be a real struggle, even when it’s a top priority for you and your business growth.

But given how important a published book is to your overall authority, it’s time to see what you can do to make that happen, even if you have no time to spare.

Write a Book: Outsource It

Who says you need to write your book yourself? In the world of publishing, hiring a ghostwriter is a common method for getting a book written for those who:• Have a busy schedule
• Don’t have a “feel” for writing
• Simply don’t want to write

Whatever the case is for you, working with a ghostwriter can make it easy to achieve your book publishing goals.

Ghostwriters are available in any budget but be aware that you do get what you pay for. While you may not be able to (or want to) spend several thousand dollars to hire top talent, you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest ghostwriters either. Interview multiple writers, look at samples of their work and choose the best that you can afford.
Remember, you can always edit their writing but if you have to edit most of it, what have you actually saved?

Write A Book: Repurpose It

If you have been marketing to grow your business for some time, chances are good you have a wealth of content that might quickly be transformed into a book.
• Your blog
• Emails
• Free opt-ins
• Information products
• Podcast episodes
• Webinars
All of these can be edited to fit within the covers of a book, so don’t be afraid to reach into your past materials to get your book published.

Write a Book: Transcribe It

Speaking your book just might be the strategy that works best for you. A cell phone is really all you need to write your book on the go. You can speak your book int your phone while waiting to pick up the kids from school, while you’re on your morning walk, or between your client calls.

Then send your audio files to be transcribed, and all you need to do is edit the transcription. No matter how mixed up or awful it looks, it will be much easier to edit even lousy content than to start from nothing.

Don’t let your lack of time hold you back from writing your book. There is no better way to build your audience and establish your authority than to publish a book. You owe it to yourself—and your business—to get your book out there.



Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs showcase their authority with an expert book and a buzz-worthy personal brand.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your mentor to creating the business+ life you love. She is the founder of the Author Exposure Blueprint, the Smart Arsenal, and the host of SMART AF.


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