How to Build A Relationship with Your Audience

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How do you build a relationship with your readers?

Building a relationship with your audience starts with a simple blog website that allows you to create a list of audience email addresses that you can keep in touch with. In the traditional publishing world, a two-way relationship with a prospect ends when they buy an author’s book.

The author/publisher doesn’t really reach out to individuals – court them, nurture them, and create a friendship. They expect that the reader becomes a fan and who they will breathlessly wait for the next piece of writing so they can keep buying.

It’s quite obvious that in the new world of publishing the exact opposite is true. As a group of emerging authors should learn, understand, and employ Robert Cialdini’s principle of “Reciprocation.”

See his book “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion.” Or as he says it’s “the old give and take… and take!”

In the new world of book authoring, your audience has to see you as a friend who is generous. This is especially true when you are emerging. The adding value concept is extremely important.

Offer as much as you can for as long as you can. That means lots of free stuff!

If your list sees you as friendly and giving, they are more likely to make purchases. Of course, writing what your genre wants to read, what your list expects of you is essential.

You can build a reciprocal relationship but if your content is crap, it just will not work. It’s like with any relationship. You have to give but you have to give quality. Time is precious. Attention spans are short.

You will not get too many chances to shortchange your audience. You need to start to build a relationship with your audience now.


Steven is a best-selling author and produced screenplay writer. After having worked through every entry level job in the entertainment industry, including Page at NBC and mail sorter at The William Morris Theatrical Agency, Steven Greene made it to Vice President and Executive Producer at Warner Bros. where he brought animation production back to the studio.

He then left corporate life to work as a carpenter and welder. Physical labor allowed the creative flow that led him to write novels and several screenplays that were produced by Major Hollywood Studios. Greene continues to be a major creative force. He writes fiction and non-fiction, sculpts, cooks and is a partner in a high-level digital marketing agency.

Steven’s books include the best-selling Addicted to Success and Surveyonomics.

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