5 Step Easy Book Marketing

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Writing your book is only the beginning. Once your final file is sent off to the printers, the real work begins.

The truth is unless your name is J.K. Rowling or Suze Orman, your book is highly unlikely to fly off the shelves. At least, not without some promotion efforts on your part. The good news is, marketing your book is just like marketing your business.

All the strategies that work for business promotion can be applied to your book.

Here are 5 easy book marketing strategies you can easily use to promote your book.

1.Get Social

Your first stop: Facebook. Your book should have its own Facebook page (a business page). There you should share excerpts of your book, reviews, interviews you’ve done, and even suggestions of other books you love. A Facebook page will give you the opportunity to build a custom audience of fans for ad targeting when you’re ready.

Instagram is another social site worth exploring. You can create a hashtag just for your book, and share quotes and graphics with your fans and followers. And don’t neglect LinkedIn, where serious business owners you to mingle and get to know one another.

2. Blog About It

It’s now time for you to start promoting your book on your blog and to your email list. Fans will love to hear:
• Behind the scenes info on your writing process
• Struggles you faced to get your book written and published
• How you found the time/energy to get your book finished
• How sales and promotion are going

3. Create a Book Trailer (or More)

These fun, short videos create interest and intrigue about your book. You can create one with PowerPoint, outsource it to a professional, or just fire up your webcam and talk. It’s entirely up to you.
When your trailer is complete post it to YouTube and Facebook, share it socially, embed it on your blog, and include it on your launch page. And while you’re posting to YouTube and Facebook, don’t forget to put a link to your launch page in the description!

4. Go Live (YouTube + Facebook Live)

On launch day, invite your fans and friends to a “meet the author” chat on YouTube Live or Facebook Live. This can be as casual as a Q&A, or as structured as a formal training event, complete with slides. Don’t be afraid to just “open the phone lines” to invite your fans to share the excitement.

5. Make the Guest Posting Rounds

It’s now time to be seen on other blogs, on podcasts, and anywhere your audience hangs out. Send out an introductory email with a customized article or interview proposal for best results. Give them something tailored to their audience, and you’ll hear a lot more yes’s!

Marketing your book doesn’t have to be a nightmare, in fact, it should be fun, and it isn’t hard. But it does require consistency and a bit of creativity.

The results are well worth your effort. Follow up your publication with some of these easy book marketing strategies to boost your audience and book sales.


Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs showcase their authority with an expert book and a buzz-worthy personal brand.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your mentor to creating the business+ life you love. She is the founder of the Author Exposure Blueprint, the Smart Arsenal, and the host of SMART AF.

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