Successful Authors – What They Do Differently

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What is the difference between financially successful authors and those who are not successful?

Financially successful authors create more content. In other words, they have more product on the (virtual) shelves. It goes back to the concept that all indie authors are building a business. The author is the primary asset of the business.

The writing – books – are the product of the business. The more products you have, the more revenue you earn in the book world.

Financially successful authors have twice as many books on average and earn three to five times as much as the less successful. BTW we are talking about output – the product has to be engaging writing “not typing.”

Reworking is part of the process. Beta- Readers are part of the process. Many people put in thousands of hours but not thousands of hours of revisions.

It’s simple really; you have to write more, better books!



Steven is a best-selling author and produced screenplay writer. After having worked through every entry level job in the entertainment industry, including Page at NBC and mail sorter at The William Morris Theatrical Agency, Steven Greene made it to Vice President and Executive Producer at Warner Bros. where he brought animation production back to the studio.

He then left corporate life to work as a carpenter and welder. Physical labor allowed the creative flow that led him to write novels and several screenplays that were produced by Major Hollywood Studios. Greene continues to be a major creative force. He writes fiction and non-fiction, sculpts, cooks and is a partner in a high-level digital marketing agency.

Steven’s books include the best-selling Addicted to Success and Surveyonomics.

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