What is the Value of Writing A Book?

When you get down to it, what is the value of writing a book to help with your business? It interesting to see what most people think.

What is the Value of Writing a Book?

  • I’ll be famous
  • I’ll sell at least 10,000 copies and make lots of money
  • In today’s world, there are so many books – Everyone writes one!

What do you think?

The answer is no to all three.

A Book will Make me Famous

No, a book won’t make you famous unless you get very lucky. It’s ironic, but it’s usually the other way around. Famous people write a book because they already have a captured market of fervent fans. So the already famous person can make their book famous and that can translate into sales. It’s just another income stream for them. It’s like an endorsement deal where they create the product. If a celebrity becomes a spokesman for GM cars or Dior perfume, they make a fee. The company owns the products. If a celebrity endorses their own book. They own the product. So it’s quite a good business proposition for someone who has a following.

So what about you. We said at the beginning, a book won’t make you famous. So what will it do? It will make you stand out in your circle of friends or in your business niche. Yes. It can make you a “big fish in a small pond.” Now before the internet that was a putdown. But now, in almost every business – a small pond is what you want. How the small pond theory works is an entire course by itself. However, one aspect of the “small pond” is that is your proving ground – your test lab. It is where you find out what works in a marketplace you can get your arms around. It also establishes you locally. It gets you a starter group of fans to surround you. That is all you need profit very well from a book.

My book will sell at least 10,000 copies and make lots of money

No, the book as a product will probably not make you money. But the book as a marketing tool can make you lots of money. The book creates credibility and authority. Most importantly, it sets you apart from others in your business niche. A book opens doors to media.

All media, even local media, have gatekeepers. If you want radio, television, podcast or newspaper exposure… how do you get through the door? It’s not with you telling the hosts assistant I posted my sisters kid skateboarding on Facebook. It’s probably better if you give them a copy of your book showcasing Your Expertise and how it can help their audience.

Building a personal brand (even a small one) usually starts with a book.

The book and the resulting publicity can make you money. If you hand out your book to top-level prospects your company is soliciting, it sure beats a business card with a follow-up call. This is because when you follow up, you have something interesting to talk about, besides jamming a sale down their throat. Books are a fabulous, affordable, unique marketing tool.

Everyone Writes a Book These Days

No. Everyone says they want to write a book. Many people have it in their to-do list of things they never do. They don’t do it because it takes work and discipline. It means they may have to miss that binge-worthy TV show or a few rounds of golf. It’s like all the other things everyone is going to do. You know, go on a diet, get healthy, go to the gym, swim laps, meditate each day, journal for 5 minutes a day, learn Facebook marketing, etc.

There are those that do – and those that “wish to do.” Books are the things that will set you apart because everyone does not do it. When you take the time to put down your thoughts and delineate your expertise, the difference between you and everyone else is tangible. People can feel it right in their hands.

The funny thing is – even if everyone has a book, (they don’t) what does it say about you if you don’t. I guess you better write one before all your competition does. In any case, better to be first out of the gate, than last!

Use that phony idea that everyone has one, as motivation. Write your book!

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Steven is a best-selling author and produced screenplay writer. After having worked through every entry level job in the entertainment industry, including Page at NBC and mail sorter at The William Morris Theatrical Agency, Steven Greene made it to Vice President and Executive Producer at Warner Bros. where he brought animation production back to the studio.

He then left corporate life to work as a carpenter and welder. Physical labor allowed the creative flow that led him to write novels and several screenplays that were produced by Major Hollywood Studios. Greene continues to be a major creative force. He writes fiction and non-fiction, sculpts, cooks and is a partner in a high-level digital marketing agency.

Steven’s books include the best-selling Addicted to Success and Surveyonomics.


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